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7. S─▒n─▒f ─░ngilizce Kitab─▒ Sports Metni Etkinlik Cevaplar─▒ Sayfa 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29

7. S─▒n─▒f ─░ngilizce Kitab─▒ Sports Metni Etkinlik Cevaplar─▒

“7. S─▒n─▒f ─░ngilizce Kitab─▒ Sayfa 22-23-24-25-26-27-28-29 MEB Yay─▒nlar─▒”

7. S─▒n─▒f ─░ngilizce Kitab─▒ Sayfa 22-23-24-25-26-27-28-29

1. Listen to the words/phrases and repeat. 

1. Kelimeleri/c├╝mleleri dinleyin ve tekrarlay─▒n.

Cevap :

  1. Medal – Madalya
  2. Spectators – Seyirciler
  3. Injury – Yaralanma
  4. Train – Tren veya E─čitim
  5. Draw – ├çizmek veya Berabere
  6. Go jogging – Ko┼čmaya gitmek
  7. Equipment – Ekipman veya Donan─▒m
  8. Lose – Kaybetmek veya Kay─▒p
  9. Beat – Yenmek veya Vurmak
  10. Go on a diet – Diyet yapmak

7. S─▒n─▒f ─░ngilizce MEB Yay─▒nlar─▒ Ders Kitab─▒ Sayfa 23 Cevaplar─▒

2. Complete the statements with the words in Activity 1. 

2. ─░fadeleri Etkinlik 1’deki kelimelerle tamamlay─▒n.

Cevap :

1. S├╝meyye Boyac─▒ treans six times a week.

2. Mete Gazoz won a golden medal in archery in the Olympics.

3. Racket is the main equipment of tennis.

4. You must wear a helmet while riding a bike. It protects you against a head injury.

5. The stadium is very crowded. There are 45.000 spectators .

6. The match ended 1-1. It was a draw.

3. Match the photos with the sports. There is an extra one. 

3. Foto─čraflar─▒ sporla e┼čle┼čtirin. Fazladan bir tane daha var.

Cevap :

1 Diving Dal─▒┼č =┬á g
2 Skating Paten = a
3 Cycling Bisiklet = d
4 Wrestling G├╝re┼č =┬áe
5 Archery Ok├žuluk =┬áb
6 Paragliding Yama├ž Para┼č├╝t├╝ =┬ái
7 Ice-hockey Buz Hokeyi = c
8 Snowboarding Snowboard = h
9 Boxing Boks = j 

7. S─▒n─▒f ─░ngilizce MEB Yay─▒nlar─▒ Ders Kitab─▒ Sayfa 24 Cevaplar─▒

4. Answer the questions. 

4. Sorular─▒ cevaplay─▒n.

1. Are you interested in sports?

Cevap : Yes, I am interested in sport.

2. Which sports do you like? Why?

Cevap : I like football, cycling, hiking. I have fun doing these sports with my friends.

3. Do you play in a school team? How often do you train?

Cevap : I’m on the school’s football them. We train 3 days a week.

5. Listen to the dialogue. Which photo is about the text? 

5. Diyalo─ču dinleyin. Hangi foto─čraf metinle ilgilidir?

Cevap :

  • C ┼č─▒kk─▒n─▒ i┼čaretleyiniz.

6. Listen to the dialogue again and circle the correct one. 

6. Diyalo─ču tekrar dinleyin ve do─čru olan─▒ daire i├žine al─▒n.

Cevap :

1. It is usually/never hard to carry arrows in hand.
2. They usually train three times a week/five times a month.
3. They seldom/usually sleep and wake up early.
4. They always/never follow magazines about sports.
5. Sometimes/Rarely they go swimming.
6. They are always/usually careful about their health.

7. Listen to the dialogue again and match the questions with the answers. There is an extra one.

7. Diyalo─ču tekrar dinleyin ve sorular─▒ cevaplarla e┼čle┼čtirin. Fazladan bir tane daha var.

Cevap :

  1. What do you need for archery? – e. A bow, arrows, and a target are the necessary equipment.
  2. How often do they train? – a. They train three times a week.
  3. How often do they wake up early? – g. They usually wake up early.
  4. Do they follow magazines about sports? – b. Yes, they do.
  5. How often do they go cycling? – d. They sometimes go cycling.
  6. Do they eat junk food? – f. No, they never eat junk food.┬á

7. S─▒n─▒f ─░ngilizce MEB Yay─▒nlar─▒ Ders Kitab─▒ Sayfa 25 Cevaplar─▒

8. Put the words in the correct order. 

4. Sorular─▒ cevaplay─▒n.

usually/Sarah/plays/volleyball/at/the weekends.

Cevap : Sarah usually plays volleyball at the weekends.

my/day/a/parents/once/go jogging.

Cevap : My parents go jogging once a day.

go/cycling/do/you/how often/.

Cevap : How often do you go cycling?

he/sportsman/eats/is/he/never/a/junk food/because.

Cevap : He is never a junk food eater because he is a sportsman.


Cevap : My brother does gymnastics three times a week.

9. Rewrite the statements with the frequency adverbs. 

4. Sorular─▒ cevaplay─▒n.

1. IÔÇÖm not into soccer. I donÔÇÖt do it any time.

Cevap : I’m not into soccer. I never do it.

2. My brother goes jogging on weekdays.

Cevap : My brother often goes jogging on weekdays.

3. She trains hard everyday.

Cevap : She trains hard every day.

4. He plays chess with me only once or twice a month.

Cevap : He rarely plays chess with me, only once or twice a month.

5. I ride a bike three times a week.

Cevap : I ride a bike three times a week.

7. S─▒n─▒f ─░ngilizce MEB Yay─▒nlar─▒ Ders Kitab─▒ Sayfa 26 Cevaplar─▒

10. Answer the questions. 

10. Sorular─▒ cevaplay─▒n.

1. Do you follow sport events?

Cevap : Yes, I follow sports events.

2. What kind of sports do you prefer? Individual or team sports?

Cevap : I prefer team sports However, I follow tennis as an individual sport.

11. Read the paragraphs and write the sports in the suitable places. 

11.Paragraflar─▒ okuyup sporlar─▒ uygun yerlere yaz─▒n─▒z.

Cevap :

  • 1- Archery
  • 2- Ampute Football
  • 3- Wrestling
  • 4- Volleyball

7. S─▒n─▒f ─░ngilizce MEB Yay─▒nlar─▒ Ders Kitab─▒ Sayfa 27 Cevaplar─▒

12. Read the paragraphs again and group the sports in Activity 11. 

12. Paragraflar─▒ tekrar okuyun ve Faaliyet 11’deki sporlar─▒ grupland─▒r─▒n.

Cevap :

Individual Sports : Archery, Wrestling

Team Sports : Volleyball, Ampute Football

Indoor Sports : Wrestling, Volleyball

Outdoor Sports : Archery, Ampute Football

13. Read the paragraphs again and answer the questions. 

13. Paragraflar─▒ tekrar okuyun ve sorular─▒ cevaplay─▒n.

1.  What is the necessary equipment for archery?

Cevap : The necessary equipment for archery includes arrows and a bow. Archers also use protective gear such as an arm guard and finger tab while shooting.

2. What should an archer do to get points?

Cevap : To get points, an archer should aim to hit the center of the target. The closer the arrow hits to the center of the target, the higher the score.

3. How long does an ampute football match last?

Cevap : An ampute football match lasts 25 minutes per half, with a total match duration of 50 minutes.

4. How many players are there in a volleyball team?

Cevap : There are six players in a volleyball team.

5. What is the aim of volleyball?

Cevap : The aim of volleyball is to score points by sending the ball over the net into the opposing team’s court. A team wins when they secure three sets.

14. Look at the chart. Ask and answer the questions about the daily routines of the children. 

14. Tabloya bakın. Çocukların günlük rutinleri ile ilgili sorular sorun ve cevaplayın.

How often does Ashley go on a diet?

Cevap : Ashley sometimes goes on a diet.

How often does William get injured?

Cevap : William hardly ever gets injured.

How often does Barbara go swimming?

Cevap : Barbara never goes swimming.

How often does Brian train?

Cevap : Brian often trains.

How many times a week does Ashley go jogging?

Cevap : Ashley goes jogging three times a week.

How many times a week does William go jogging?

Cevap : William sometimes goes jogging four times a week.

How many times a day does Barbara go swimming?

Cevap : Barbara usually goes swimming twice a day.

How often does Brian go on a diet?

Cevap : Brian hardly ever goes on a diet.

7. S─▒n─▒f ─░ngilizce MEB Yay─▒nlar─▒ Ders Kitab─▒ Sayfa 28 Cevaplar─▒

15. Talk about your routines. 

15. Rutinleriniz hakk─▒nda konu┼čun.

Cevap :

“During the weekdays, I make it a point to wake up at 07:00, as my classes begin at 8 in the morning. On weekends, however, I tend to sleep in a bit longer. Being mindful of my health, I prioritize eating nutritious and natural foods. I also enjoy jogging twice a week to stay fit. IÔÇÖm cautious about avoiding injuries, so I steer clear of activities like skating.”

16. Choose a sportsperson. Take notes about the daily routines of him/her. 

16. Bir sporcu se├žin. Onun g├╝nl├╝k rutinleri hakk─▒nda notlar al─▒n.

Cevap :

“7. S─▒n─▒f ─░ngilizce Kitab─▒ Sayfa 22-23-24-25-26-27-28-29 Cevaplar─▒”

7. S─▒n─▒f ─░ngilizce MEB Yay─▒nlar─▒ Ders Kitab─▒ Sayfa 29 Cevaplar─▒

17. Write a short paragraph for your school magazine about the daily routines of the sportsperson in Activity 16.

17. Etkinlik 16’daki sporcunun g├╝nl├╝k rutinleri hakk─▒nda okul derginiz i├žin k─▒sa bir paragraf yaz─▒n.

Cevap :

Mustafa Boyac─▒ always wakes up early
in the mornings.
He trains six times a week.
He never eats junk food because He is a
sportswoman and she always eats healthy food.
He often draws pictures because she likes it very much.

18. Create your own olympic sport. Make a poster of it. Present it to your classmates. 

18. Kendi olimpiyat sporunuzu yarat─▒n. Bunun bir posterini yap─▒n. S─▒n─▒f arkada┼člar─▒n─▒za sunun.

Cevap :

Description: Skyline Relay is a high-adrenaline team sport that combines elements of relay racing, rock climbing, and zip-lining. Teams of four compete to navigate a series of challenges set along a course suspended high above the ground. The goal is to complete the course in the fastest time while overcoming obstacles that test agility, strength, and teamwork.

Course Layout:

  1. Starting Platform: Teams begin on a high platform equipped with safety gear. Each member has a designated starting point.
  2. Rock Climbing Wall: The first segment features a steep rock climbing wall with varying holds and difficulty levels. Team members must ascend to a specific height before tagging the next participant.
  3. Balance Beam Traverse: After the climb, competitors walk across a series of narrow balance beams suspended between towers. The beams are designed to challenge balance and coordination.
  4. Zip-Line Challenge: Following the traverse, athletes zip-line across a gap to a mid-course platform. Precision and speed are key here, as each team member must land on a designated target.
  5. Swinging Rope Maze: Next, competitors navigate through a maze of swinging ropes and trapeze bars. They must use their strength and timing to swing from one rope to another without touching the ground.
  6. Final Climb: The last segment is a vertical climbing challenge, where team members race to scale a tall structure, ending with a final leap to a landing pad.
  7. Finish Line: The course culminates in a sprint to the finish line, where the team that completes all challenges in the fastest time is declared the winner.

Scoring and Rules:

  • Teams are scored based on their completion time, with penalties for any falls or missed targets.
  • Safety is paramount, with strict regulations on harnesses, helmets, and belay systems.
  • Teams are allowed a maximum of three attempts to complete the course, with the best time counting as their final score.

Special Features:

  • Team Dynamics: Teams must demonstrate excellent communication and strategy, as they can only proceed once the previous participant has successfully completed their section.
  • Audience Engagement: The course is designed to be highly visual, with spectator zones providing views of key obstacles and moments of intense action.

Skyline Relay aims to be an exhilarating blend of endurance, skill, and teamwork, pushing athletes to their limits while entertaining spectators with breathtaking stunts and rapid-paced action.


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