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7. S─▒n─▒f ─░ngilizce Kitab─▒ Biographies Metni Etkinlik Cevaplar─▒ Sayfa 42, 43, 44

7. S─▒n─▒f ─░ngilizce Kitab─▒ Biographies Metni Etkinlik Cevaplar─▒

“7. S─▒n─▒f ─░ngilizce Kitab─▒ Sayfa 42-43-44 MEB Yay─▒nlar─▒”

7. S─▒n─▒f ─░ngilizce Kitab─▒ Sayfa 42-43-44

1. Make statements about Kate in Simple Past Tense. 

1. Kate hakk─▒nda Simple Past Tense kullanarak a├ž─▒klamalarda bulunun.

Cevap :

  1. Kate was born in Krakow in 1955.
  2. She grew up in Warsaw.
  3. She began school in 1962.
  4. She moved to Poznan in 1963.
  5. Kate studied architecture at the university.
  6. She graduated in 1978.
  7. She got married in 1980.
  8. Kate had a son in 1982.
  9. She retired in 2015.

2. Complete the dialogue with the suitable questions. There is an extra one. 

2. Diyalo─ču uygun sorularla tamamlay─▒n. Fazladan bir tane daha var.

Cevap :

Jack: (e) Where were you born?
Alex: I was born in Houston.
Jack: (g) When did you start primary school?
Alex: In 1995.
Jack: (d) Were you a hardworking student?
Alex: Yes, I was.
Jack: (b) What did you study at university?
Alex: I studied Physics.
Jack: (f) When did you graduate?
Alex: I graduated from university in 2010.
Jack: (c) Did you win any awards?
Alex: Yes, I won two awards.
Jack: (a) Why did you move to Paris?

7. S─▒n─▒f ─░ngilizce MEB Yay─▒nlar─▒ Ders Kitab─▒ Sayfa 43 Cevaplar─▒

3. Read the text about Tesla. Fill in the blanks with the past form of the verbs. 

3. Tesla hakk─▒ndaki metni okuyun. Bo┼čluklar─▒ fiillerin ge├žmi┼č halleriyle doldurun.

Cevap :

Nikola Tesla (1) was born on July 9, 1856, in Smiljan, Austrian Empire. He (2) was from a Serbian family. His mother (3) did not go to school but she was very intelligent. As he (4) grew up, his imagination and creativity grew, too. He (5) attended the Technical University at Graz, in 1882. Tesla (6) went to work in Paris, and he (7) made his first induction motor in 1883. He (8) sailed for America in 1884, with four cents in his pocket and calculations for a flying machine. He (9) worked with Thomas Edison. But the two inventors were different from each other. Tesla (10) established his own laboratory.

4. Complete the paragraph with the correct form of the verbs. 

4. Paragraf─▒ fiillerin do─čru ┼čekliyle tamamlay─▒n.

Cevap :

Mustafa Kemal Atat├╝rk (1) was the founder and the first president of the Republic of T├╝rkiye. He (2) was born in 1881, in Salonika. But he (3) lost his father at an early age, and he had to leave school. He (4) worked on his uncleÔÇÖs farm. Then he (5) entered the Military School. He (6) graduated from the War Academy in 1905. Mustafa Kemal Atat├╝rk went to Samsun and (7) started the War of Independence. He (8) died on November 10, 1938. But he is still in our hearts.

7. S─▒n─▒f ─░ngilizce MEB Yay─▒nlar─▒ Ders Kitab─▒ Sayfa 44 Cevaplar─▒

Find/Draw the pictures of the new words in this unit. Write the meanings under the pictures.

Bu ├╝nitedeki yeni kelimelerin resimlerini bulun/├žizin. Anlamlar─▒n─▒ resimlerin alt─▒na yaz─▒n─▒z.

Cevap :

├ľ─črendi─činiz yeni kelimeleri yazarak, resmini ├žiziniz.


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